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Removing Focused Inbox on Outlook
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Office 365 email(s) default on creation to contain separate inboxes, one issue students routinely experience is being unable to identify emails being sent to them as a result of such emails being filtered to a 'focused' inbox. Below are steps users may take to remove the 'focused' inbox, allowing all emails to be received from one location. 




1. At the top of your inbox, where your emails are organized, you can identify an upside-down carrot, representing a filter that users can utilize to prioritize emails in a way they see best fit. 


2. When left-clicking the carrot, a list of options are presented to users, this includes a checkbox to ADD or REMOVE the focused inbox feature.


3. Confirm your selection removes the checkmark from the Focused Inbox option, and all emails should now be available on your front tab. 

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